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Storage Solutions

In case you need some flexibility with your moving, we provide special storage solutions. Our task is to offer the storage that fits your moving situation. We at Out of State Moving are on your side if you need to store your possessions while you sell your home or to store your belongings till you wait your new place to become fully available.

Our Storage Services

Out of State Moving provides professional and secure storage spaces in Atlanta, Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia.
Our rates are reasonable and affordable for both long-term and short-term services.
Our full-service storage spaces are maintained and guarded by our trained staff.
We at Out of State Moving have storage facilities that are:

Company-Owned Facilities

Company-Owned Facilities

Indoor 24-Hour Security

Indoor 24-Hour Security

Dedicated Warehouse Staff

Dedicated Warehouse Staff

Items Professionally Protected and Secured

Items Professionally Protected and Secured

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Our Long Term Storage Service

We guarantee that your items are 100% safe on long-term basis. We can share with our clients that:

We use strong and modern boxes. It doesn’t matter how long your possessions are going to be stored, several months or more, using this special boxes results in preserving their original condition.

We never use garbage or plastic bags. Our work policy is against using such bags because of many reasons. We claim that plastic bags are prone to moisture and they can break easily.

Entirely clean appliances. We at Out of State Moving always say that it is vital to clean your appliances before you store them. It is recommendable to have the appliance door a bit open while they are stored. In case you have some original package or boxes, our advice is to use them to store the appliance. Additionally, find a paper box with an adequate size to pack the belongings.

Electronic appliances, frequently the most valuable of our items, demand careful packaging. We advise storing all such items in padded cases. This is going to prevent any possible damages or scratches. In case you have to unplug some wires, pay attention to take photos of the setup and label what necessary. You have to pack cords in some plastic containers that have a lid, or, if needed, to buy a special cord organizer.

Always label boxes! Our advice that can prevent your stress in the future is to label every box as soon as you pack it. Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of time figuring out which box contains what items. An additional advice is to always mark or label the boxes with fragile items. In this way, both you and movers will pay special attention in the moving process.

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Short Term Storage Service

Do you think about either local or long distance move? Do you have dilemmas where to store your possessions? We at Out of State Moving offer timely and cost-efficient solution for you. Our services include short-term indoor storage spaces where you can keep all your belongings in the most optimal condition when you are moving.

We know that clients often search for a storage solution for their items when they relocate. For us, it doesn’t matter if you are relocating locally or across some long distances, we are ready to provide both short-term and long-term indoor storage units. Our prices are always reasonable and cost-efficient. We at Out of State Moving provide 100% care for your belongings while they are in our possession.

Our storage facilities are:

  • Company-owned facilities
  • Under 24/7 video surveillance
  • Climate-controlled
  • Managed by our expert staff

Out of State Moving provides moving services across the country – Washington, DC., Maryland, North Virginia, and Atlanta.

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